Monday, December 16, 2013

Sharing an article today Monday 16 December 2013

“Highest-Paid Presidents Face Backlash, Study Finds”
“When defending compensation of $1-million and more for college presidents, trustees and university officials often repeat a simple refrain: Attracting the best talent costs money.
“In 2011 the 10 highest-paid private-college presidents cost their institutions an average of about $2.3-million each. Some trustees would say that's a bargain compared with the amount a high-caliber president can bring in through fund raising. But the actual cost to a university of having one of the highest-paid presidents in the country may be more than just salary and benefits, according to a new working paper.”
“Institutions whose presidents appear in The Chronicle's top-10 list of highest-paid private-college executives receive between $2.8-million and $4.5-million less in donations the following year than their peers whose presidents are outside the top 10, according to the paper.
Here is the actual list:
Executive Compensation at Private Colleges, 2011
What are your thoughts?
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
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