Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sharing an article December 5 2013

Sharing an article December 5 2013
PE in schools is what it is nowadays. I personally think the curriculum could use some beefing up but that is just my opinion. On that note, I wanted to share an article I read today in ‘Education Week’ and get a conversation going about what your opinion is.
“One in Four Parents Dissatisfied With Schools' Phys. Ed. Offerings”
“One in four K-12 public school parents believe their child's school isn't placing enough emphasis on physical education, according to a new survey from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Harvard School of Public Health, and National Public Radio”.
“The survey, which drew upon 1,368 parents of public school children in grades K-12 on a range of education-related issues, asked parents to grade their child's school based on its support of physical activity”.
“Twenty-eight percent of parents gave their child's school a C, D, or F grade on providing enough time for physical exercise, while 44 percent gave a C, D, or F on encouraging students to walk or bike to school (by providing bike racks, crossing guards, or offering incentives to those who walked or biked). A higher percentage of high school students' parents gave their child's school a low grade in both categories compared to parents of K-5 students”.
So what are your thoughts on this subject based upon your experiences?
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
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