Friday, January 29, 2016

How do you let someone know they have not gotten the job?

A little while back, I spoke on the importance of treating job interview candidates like the professionals they are; today I would like to give my opinion on how to break the news to them that they were not hired.

There is so much “CYA” with companies that sometimes they forget that basic manners go a long way to creating good will between the company and unsuccessful candidates. If there is only one spot, then obviously only one person can get hired, and candidates do understand this.

·         Do you give feedback to the candidates? Some basic feedback is useful because perhaps that person can come back better and stronger next time

·         Do you send a form letter or personalize it? Poorly written form letters are quite frankly, insulting, especially when it is really obvious.

·         Do you address them correctly in the letter? If the person is a Dr and you address them as Mr./Ms., that is adding insult to injury and shows a lack of attention to detail, not to mention class

·         Do you ignore them completely, and leave it to them to figure out they have not gotten the job?  Believe it or not, this scenario happens quite a lot, and it is one of the most unprofessional things you can do as a company hands down. It is a basic courtesy that every candidate should be notified, and in a timely manner that they have not been selected

Why do so many companies out there have such bad habits when it comes to the interview process? It would be interesting to compare the companies’ employee retention rate as well.

Moral of the story is, be polite, be kind, and be informative. Candidates will appreciate it.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What is change? An organizational thought

Change is a word we hear a lot of recently, especially in politics and business. Look at job descriptions and resumes and many of them include the term “change agent”.

Change is difficult for all of us, even for those who say they thrive in change. Imagine if someone swapped your favorite toothpaste one day without telling you, and then they changed the type of shoe you wear (not the size), and then they change your diet to something they think is better for you. How would that make you feel? That is how we truly feel about change, but some people are better at rolling with it then others.

“Change and Change Management. On the surface these terms may seem interchangeable. However, there is a significant and important difference between change and change management. When there is no clear delineation, the result is confusion and lack of clarity on what is needed to move an initiative forward. The better we can separately define and address change and change management, the better position we will be in as change management practitioners with a clearer scope and shared sense of direction and purpose”.

Students of political systems grapple with a subject matter that is today in constant flux. They must deal not only with the major processes of growth, decay, and breakdown but also with a ceaseless ferment of adaptation and adjustment. The magnitude and variety of the changes that occurred in the world’s political systems beginning in the early 20th century suggest the dimensions of the...”
Does any of this really mean anything to you, or to the average person? What people are actually thinking is well demonstrated in the video below:

It is funny right? However, the dark side is this is what happens in a lot of organizations when they change rapidly, and when they make changes without knowing who works for them. Sometimes you need top down change (especially in highly regulated industries), but when you are working with high achievers or people you expect to perform at a high level, that can be disastrous if you do not get buy in!

Getting buy in does not mean you take your staff to a nice lunch and then say this is what we are doing. You can buy them food but then take time to not only ask their opinion, but to incorporate their ideas as well.

There is a difference between true change, and a makeover. True change means you are scrapping everything and building up for the better, and that involves detailed plans and complete buy in from everyone. A makeover is trying to disguise a mud pie into a chocolate éclair.
So ask yourself: have you truly changed or are you just dissembling?

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Law enforcement do you know what a lawful order actually is?

Due to the fact that everyone basically has a video camera nowadays, we are seeing more and more instances of police brutality. This actually has always gone on, but now it is in the light.

We often hear in these videos officers saying “I am giving you a lawful order”, however, it seems like these officers do no truly understand the law (they need some training here).

I do not claim to be a legal scholar, but I am pretty sure there needs to be just cause for these orders the police are throwing around before they are considered lawful.

In Sandra Bland’s case, the officer said he was giving her a lawful order, and that turned out to be 100% false because she did not break any law by refusing to put out here cigarette.

What really bothers me is when officers treat our children as criminals and use the terms “lawful order’ and “stop resisting”, especially for something that should simply be a ticket. These officers are also not taking into account that the child might just be terrified. Case in point in this video:

 “The Stockton Police Department (SPD) is under fire for using excessive force against a black teenager. On Tuesday, a sobbing 16-year-old boy was hit with a baton by a cop and then forcefully arrested by three additional officers, after one of them saw him jaywalking”.

We need four officers for a jaywalking ticket? Could they not have just talked to the kid about the dangers of jaywalking? What happened to community policing again?

United States was built upon civil disobedience and rebellion against unjust rule, so why are we expected to just sit there and take it when something unjust and unlawful is happening to us? Why are we expected to acquiesce to unreasonable and in some cases unsafe demands?

We have laws for a reason, we also have unwritten laws for a civil society, and one of them is be a good neighbor. Law enforcement’s job is to keep people safe, we should not have to fear them, and our children should not be in danger from them.

This is not a political debate; this is me stating some facts from and educator’s perspective. As an educator and public servant, if I had made this kind of mistake, I would have been fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Why are the police seemingly above the law?

Something to think about…

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Knowing the value and capabilities of your staff

Knowledge Management should be an important part of your HR hiring process because it is really important to know what your staff knows as they come in, what skills they are acquiring as they grow with your institution, and if they are retiring what you might be losing.

Did you really try and capture this information as they came in? Do you look internally first for certain skills or do you just blow money on an outside consultant? I came across a recent situation where an institution hired an outside consultant at great expense, only to discover later that the person who trained that consultant worked for their company. Oops!

Knowing what your staff has to offer is just the first part though; you then have to actually take their recommendations, especially if they are better qualified then you in this arena. Do not be insecure because your staff knows more than you, all that means is you put together an “A” team.

When you micro-manage high achievers, what you are really doing is letting them know that it is ok to look for a new job, and do so at great speed; your employees will not stay and you want to try and retain them.

1.      Know what you have
2.      Use what you have first before going outside
3.      Give credit where credit is due
4.      Say thank you by compensating them (many ways to compensate, you might not always have cash)

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Being poor still means you will be publically shamed

This is a new year, and we always hope for better things; however, some things stay the same. Let me rehash:

“In a nation that has long operated on the principle that an "American Dream" is available to anyone willing to try hard enough, the term "working poor" may seem to have a bright side. Sure, these individuals struggle financially, but they have jobs -- the first and most essential step toward lifting oneself out of poverty, right?

“The criminalization of America’s poor has been quietly gaining steam for years, but a recent study, “The Poor Get Prison,” co-authored by Karen Dolan and Jodi L. Carr, reveals the startling extent to which American municipalities are fining and jailing the country’s most vulnerable people, not just punishing them for being poor, but driving them deeper into poverty”.

“A few months ago, the Department of Justice’s Ferguson report revealed how that city has disproportionately targeted its majority minority population with traffic and other minor infractions that heavily support the municipality's coffers. But Ferguson is far from alone. Municipalities like New York City have greatly increased the number of minor offenses that are considered criminal (like putting your feet up in the subway) or sitting on the sidewalk”. 

“Five troubling trends from the report that show us how the government is financially abusing poor people”:

1.      Jailing probationers who can’t pay fees and fines
2.      Taking poor people’s property through asset forfeit seizures
3.      School-to-prison pipeline
4.      Hyper criminalization of petty infractions
5.      Fining the homeless for being homeless

Debtor’s prison was supposedly abolished decades ago, but here it is alive and well, especially with for profit prisons!

Now imagine you are a student in school and you have to live like this daily, you are surrounded by this daily, kids make fun of your clothes, and you do not want anyone to know you get free lunch. Imagine the things you might do to try and fit in, or worse imagine the ways you can be taken advantage of because you want to fit in.

America, during this political season, instead of focusing on the things that population is not worried about on a daily basis; why not focus on this issue because I guarantee we have all worried about making it at one time or another. Your average person is worried about maybe three of things:

1.      Food
2.      Shelter
3.      Stability

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Why social Media is destroying debate

This is how we debate important things today it seems. This was copied off the White House Facebook page. I tried to hide names but if I missed some, so what it is a public forum that anyone can read anyway.

Is this what we have come to? Is this how we talk with each other, how we debate? This is both sides of the debate!

I fear for us all if we cannot be civil with each other on something that should be taken seriously.

Sharon K. Breedlove-Chavez Yes, President Obama got tears when he brought up Sandy Hook. That is the kind of compassion everyone should feel. When 9/11 happened everything changed for this Country. We now had TSA, be at the airport at least an hour before.. taking off your shoes...See More
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Donna Marie Kelly
Donna Marie Kelly My God You are an can't tell real from fake..probably why you voted for this dolt.
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Mike Underwood
Mike Underwood Yeah because you can't fake that. IDIOT
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Roland Thompson
Roland Thompson Agree with Donna Marie Kelly. Sharon. You just don't know. How are you people so clueless. You know what was in the TPP?
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Mark Carrington
Mark Carrington Sharon you are a fucking dildo.
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Lynne True Simon
Lynne True Simon Well said, Sharon K. Breedlove-Chavez!
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Jamie Hunt
Jamie Hunt Impeachment
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Thomas Oakes
Thomas Oakes its all show
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Maria Joe Herrera Rivera
Maria Joe Herrera Rivera There are already lots of background checks, but that doesn't mean criminals and terrorist will stop. It only stops law abiding citizens. CRUMINALS WILL STILL HAVE GUNS AND WILL STILL KILL AT WILL, NOW MORE THAN EVER.
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Thomas Oakes
Thomas Oakes those laws are already on the books
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Wally McCance
Wally McCance Donna Marie Kelly YEP, i VOTED FOR HIM AND PROUD OF IT, At least, he did not deceive and lie like Channey and get us into a war for years that was costly, injured, mamed, and killed our soldiers. Also, what an embarrasement Bush was to our country.!!!!!
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Thomas Oakes
Thomas Oakes Lynne True Simon those laws already exist , this was for show
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Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson Sandy Hoax, ,,,
Bush's 9/11,,,,
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Marilynne Miller
Marilynne Miller Tears in his eyes...this guy could make million$ in Hollywood.
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ْاِ The White House Hi Guys Check out This Video
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Jamie Hunt
Jamie Hunt I blame the ones who voted him in a second term
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Rick Serafin
Rick Serafin We get to hear his "if we just save one life" speech....while he is OK with a million babies being killed every year....but does he cry when a baby is murdered via abortion? Liberal Logic
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Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips those tears are about when he leaves office he knows he cant waste tax payers dollars on vacations anymore not about the children
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Roland Thompson
Roland Thompson Gee mark
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Tannie Cady
Tannie Cady HE makes me want to vomit. He's a pansy ass ball sack of cowardice.
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Robbie Boswell
Robbie Boswell Real mature Tannie. Nice kindergarten logic.
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Roland Thompson
Roland Thompson It was a big ole reality show. Sandy hook

Gifford....See More
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Joni Kahley Neidigh
Joni Kahley Neidigh Ahh...the trolls/pukes are out of their cage today. Pay them no mind.
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Jennifer Knox
Jennifer Knox Sharon, sorry you are being so attacked for the opinion of wanting to save lives. That's the internet for you. Trolls a plenty. I agree with you, for what it's worth.
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Eve Johnson
Eve Johnson Well said Sharon 
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Susan York
Susan York Look at the name calling and vile speech from the gun nuts. I don't think people who show so little restraint and judgment should be carrying guns around.
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Raul D Alma
Raul D Alma Sharon, you either are or you just faking it. It takes weak people to be swayed or reassured by few tears from a politician.
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Scott Eagle
Scott Eagle And those background checks will be abused and this is just a start to what will be added to it ,,, it's the corrupt politician way
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Richard Perez
Richard Perez Already background checks... DDD
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Roderick Qualls Jr.
Roderick Qualls Jr. He wants out guns I can't believe y'all can't see his lies and fake ass tears he is the worst thing that happened to this country
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Virgo Donald
Virgo Donald Sharon,
Amen, I second your emotion!
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Rossana Rosado
Rossana Rosado Rick Serafin totally unrelated topic, but he does have to GO
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Pamela Medford
Pamela Medford where were his TEARS for the victims in San Bernadino----NOT THERE, he was ranting about gun are some FACTS from the FBI...............once again oputt putt has MANIPULATED and LIED...........

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Michael Rachal
Michael Rachal I feel for the 30 - 40 innocent citizens killed every day by vehicles..... Almost
3500 in Texas in 2015.......
........and many were by Intoxicated Drivers. Do we blame the person, vehicle, alcohol or the DUI person's judgement??
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Sarah Ulicky
Sarah Ulicky ANYONE that says Sandy Hook was a hoax is a sad and confused fool. I know people that worked at that school and knew people who were there when it happened and were murdered you uneducated ignorant pieces of excrement. We are the only country that allows this to keep happening and it's thanks to you! Blood on your hands you selfish, ignorant cretans!!!

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