Friday, July 12, 2013

Multiple Stories Important Stories That We Might Miss

There are many important stories in education today that are either underreported, or that we do not pay enough attention to. These stories are important because they could potentially have a far-reaching impact for our respective organizations or our industry in general. For example:
·         Blackboard is one of the most used online learning platforms in the world. It has grown a lot through acquisition, but now it looks like it is making some changes. Is your organization using Blackboard?
“Blackboard May Double or Triple Spending on Software Development”
·         There has been a lot of discussion within multiple universities about how to improve the completion rate of the doctoral programs, as well as shorten the time without sacrificing rigor. Will this latest effort work?
·         With the numbers of adults going back to school growing, especially those coming out of the military or with prior military service, this kind of degree could be a boon to the ever-growing non-traditional higher education market; if they are done correctly that is.
Accreditor Approves Competency-Based Degree at U. of Wisconsin
“The program will offer credit to students who can demonstrate mastery of the skills they acquired through jobs, military service, or prior learning”.
There are many more things like this, so let us all pay attention because this could affect our students. It is all about the student remember?
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
The ETeam

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