Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bullying in an education environment

This subject makes many in education uncomfortable; and in my humble opinion, this discomfort with confronting the issues is what allows it to run rampant. Another thing to acknowledge is that bullying happens across all spectrums of education, not just within the student body, but within the staff as well. It also happens from K12 through higher education.

By the time we find out about our kids being bullied, it often has already been going on for a while. Bullying amongst college students, especially when you add in the ‘cyber’ component, can have tragic results (we have seen the stories in the news).  

A type of bullying which we very rarely acknowledge, is bullying amongst staff and faculty from K12 through university. Think about the gossip that often spreads like wildfire, think about that person that is always putting someone down, think about that administrator who everyone is terrified of, and think about how difficult it is to ask for that well deserved and promised raise.

Now I am not saying that the education industry has a bullying problem, and I am not trying to offer a solution for the issues of bullying that we do have. I am however, just trying to get us all to think about this and acknowledge certain things because, without acknowledgement, without confrontation, these things perpetuate.
How can we protect our children from this issue when we are taking care of ourselves first?

Why am I bringing this issue up now? Well why not now?! It is happening now.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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