Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Article on sexual assault Feb 11 2014

“Straight Talk on Sexual Violence”

“CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- One of the lighter moments of a conference on campus sexual misconduct here at the University of Virginia on Monday followed a serious question from a student, who asked the six presidents on a much-anticipated panel how they were specifically assisting minority and low-income survivors, who are especially vulnerable to assault.”

“The presidents didn't get a chance to answer -- Association of American Universities President Hunter Rawlings, who moderated the panel, cut in to ask the student whether he had any suggestions.”

“"Oh, you wanted advice?" the student said, clearly in surprise, as the audience broke into laughter. "I can give you advice!"”

“The presidents explored touchy topics, including a public perception that universities sweep crime statistics under the rug ("The Department of Education wouldn't have needed the Dear Colleague letter if we were doing this very well," Folt said), and that they are incapable of properly adjudicating sexual assault matters.”

I think it is great that these conversations are going on, this is a good start; trouble is we have been stuck in this start for a while.

Sexual assault on campuses is an issue that schools are still trying to sweep under the rug, and in general are struggling to deal with. There is no new definitive plan that anyone has come up with that addresses the culture that creates rape on campus.
Focus on the victims, because it is about them, not the school’s reputation.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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