Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What are your thoughts on college sports?

I grew up playing many sports, I enjoyed it because they were fun (the exercise did not hurt either). I choose not to play in college because frankly there were not enough hours in the day.

“Northwestern U. Quarterback Makes Case for Players’ Union”

“Northwestern University's quarterback testified on Tuesday before the National Labor Relations Board as part of his team's high-profile push to form the first labor union in college sports.”


“Seated at the witness stand in a federal building in Chicago, Kain Colter, who just completed his senior season, detailed the demands of big-time sports, including football obligations that he said can eat up more than 50 hours a week. "It's a job, there is no way around it—it's a job," he said, according to the Associated Press.”


“A lawyer representing the university, Alex Barbour, disputed that players are employees, saying that academics are a core part of a Northwestern player's experience.”


“"Academics always trumps athletics at Northwestern," he said. "Northwestern is not a football factory."”


“The hearing is scheduled to continue on Wednesday as the board weighs whether big-time athletes should be considered employees. Below are a few highlights from Mr. Colter's testimony.”



What do you think? Are athletes sacrificing academics for sports? Are they more like employees then students?


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