Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Good email communication: a simple tip

There are so many modalities of communication nowadays, and in business you can get plugged into so many of them to the point that it is overwhelming.

But what good are all those modalities if you never get back to people, or if people can never reach you in a timely manner? The answer is that they are useless.

Here is a useful tip for emails specifically, which seem to have the most volume:

·         Answer back immediately (or set up an automatic message to answer for yourself) just to acknowledge you received the message and will get back to them as quickly as possible; and make sure you do.

The person who sent the message will appreciate the acknowledgment, and it buys you more time. It is amazing how some emails never get returned, or get returned so late that you wonder if the person is joking.

Lesson from an MBA class….

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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