Wednesday, January 8, 2014

School Testing Madness

Let me start by saying I not against testing, when I was in school (across the pond) testing was and still is a normal part of the education system. My objection is the state of madness school displayed during testing time here in the united states, for example:

  • Trying to get students pumped about a test to the point where you think it is a pep rally for a sports game
  • Giving out gum, candy, and cupcakes to keep the kids energy up (let the parents decide this please!)
  • Reminding parents about the obvious such as, kids getting a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast (that should be everyday right?)
  • Giving out prizes for being at school during the whole testing time (and asking kids not to get sick during that time)

One the best ones I read about was this one: “Chicago School Rations Bathroom Visits to Help Prepare for Common Core Tests”

“How far will schools go to prepare for Common Core tests? From an elementary school teacher in Chicago, I received the following memo, delivered to faculty this week.”

“Dear Faculty,”

“Welcome back and Happy New Year! In order to maximize student learning and reduce the loss of instructional time, we are implementing two new restroom policies.”

“1. Designated Restroom Times - Take your class to use the restroom only during your allotted time so that multiple groups of students are not competing to use the facilities. Also, the expectation is that the restroom break should last only five minutes. Before leaving for the restroom, clearly communicate the behavioral expectations and the time limit. Use your watch or stopwatch to time the students and praise them when they meet the behavior and time expectations.”

“Sign up for your restroom time slot in the main office by Tuesday, January 7. “

“2. Restroom Passes - In addition to scheduled restroom breaks, students will be given restroom passes to use if they need to use the restroom outside of the scheduled time. Students will be given two restroom passes to use between now and the end of the quarter. They can choose to hold on to them and trade them in for a reward at the end of the quarter. Following these guidelines:”

“Have students fill in their names as soon as they receive them. Passes are invalid if names are crossed out for another name.”

“For the upper grades, students can use one teacher's pass in another classroom, but they still only get the same number of passes per quarter.

Tests are high stress enough as it is, do you realize that all this ‘stuff’ is creating more stress? Stop the madness! Schools look at the way you are behaving!
Remember, the tests are supposed to be about the best interests of the students, not the school's stats.
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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