Sunday, January 12, 2014

Obsessions in America-an education issue

Parts of our constitutional rights are the freedom to obsess about whatever we want, which means I can comment on these obsessions if I want.

Have you ever seen, heard, or have been a young woman who is fit and in her prime and tells herself she is fat because she gained a pound? How many times have you met those folks who try to convince you they are old because they just turned 30? How many ads do you see on TV, the newspaper, or hear on the radio about what is unhealthy for us or how to stay young?

We are blessed to have so many choices for food in this country, to be able to go to one store and get everything we need quickly and conveniently; and yet we spend time and energy on visceral hate of some of these big stores and the food available. Do you know a food shopping trip in some countries is literally a whole day affair because you have to go to five different places (sometimes walking)?

We live in a country that people can literally eat themselves to death, and we cannot see the beauty of that; that kind of death is very difficult to achieve in a large part of the worldJ

It is often said that youth is wasted on the young, and for those who fear getting older, get over it because that is life, and your life is not over. You are old when you have lived a full life and are dead in your coffin!

I am not saying obesity is good, I am not saying we should not try to live long and healthy lives; what I am saying is our obsessions can lead to bigger problems. I did not grow up around bulimia, anorexia, food allergies, and dislike of our elders; I still do not understand how a land of plenty can have such silly (yes I said it) obsessions. Women, a little thickness is not a bad thing in a large part of the world J

Young lady (and man), you are not fat, nor old, and your life is not over. Snap out of it and get on with life!

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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