Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beginning of school year articles to share…

“Early Bird Catches the Counselor”
“For several years now, most counseling centers have been experiencing a continuous uptick in the number of students seeking services, as stigma over mental health issues lessens and more and more students come to college already on psychotropic medications”.
“But as September gets under way, many center directors say they’re seeing an even greater surge of walk-ins and appointments being made at the start of the academic year, with students making contact with counselors before they even leave for campus”.
All I can say is good luck counselors!

This next one made me smile because it is always the little things in life…
“It's the Little Things That Count in Teaching”
“Attention to the less 'serious' aspects can make you a more effective instructor”.
“Line up course readings. Plan the syllabus. Design lesson plans and homework assignments. Those are some of the big-picture elements that we all fret over as college instructors preparing for the fall semester. But as teachers of writing and rhetoric, we've come to realize the crucial role of the (often overlooked) "little" things”.
“Attention to those peripheral details can lead to a much richer learning experience for students and a much more enjoyable teaching experience for instructors”
Let us all have a great school year!
Dr Flavius A B Akerele
The ETeam

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