Thursday, November 27, 2014

The reality of crime

I am not going to quote statistics, references, etc, even though I could. I want you to access the information yourself and believe me it is very easy to find. I am not taking sides, just pointing out some facts because as an educator that is what I do.

Let us start with race: it is a social construct, and the racial divide was created early in American history to keep black folks and poor white folks from uniting against the rich overlords. Guess what? It worked, and it is still working. There really is no such thing as the black race or the white race, there is only the human race.

Poverty creates and perpetuates crime, not skin color. Yes there is a lot of crime in “black” neighborhoods but that is because most of these neighborhoods nationwide are poor (some extremely poor). However, if you look at “white” neighborhoods of similar poverty, you will find the crime statistics are just as high. How many of you are often one paycheck away from becoming homeless? When poverty sets in, you do desperate things. Did anyone notice that the jails got very full after the economic downturn of 2008? Jails are now publically traded companies, and prisoners mean big bucks. We punish poor people unfairly because they are paychecks to some.

While “black” people seem to have a disproportionate amount of crime, as a whole, most crime is actually cause by “white” folks and that makes sense because they are in the majority (blacks are just 13% of total population). FYI most welfare fraud (and welfare in general) is done and used by white people.

I always find it interesting when people lecture “black” folks about black-on-black crime as if we all know each other. White-on-white crime exists at just as high a rate, yet ‘white” folks are not being held responsible for every crime committed, so why you should hold “blacks” responsible? We are not all brothers, people with black skin are as diverse as grains of sand on beach; do not hold the ‘black race” responsible for this.

Poverty is a manmade creation that can be solved and needs to solved, and not to give people and hand up, but because economically it makes sense and crime statistics will go down.

Lastly, stop with the terms  like race-baiter, it’s a BS term and means nothing. Stop talking about Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as if they represent everyone with black skin in America. We are not “post racial” not even close; there are children of civil war, and grandchildren of slaves still walking around. We have not begun to really look at  this issue because we have blinders on still. This is still a great country, with a lot of opportunity, but we can be greater, we can do better, we should be better.

Poverty is a disease, and we desperately need a cure.

Professor Blade CFMC AKA Dr Flavius A B Akerele III (The ETeam)

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