Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Same stuff different shovel

Political election results in the U.S is always presented as winners and losers; and I often wonder why because if you think about it does not make sense, because no matter who is in power at the time, the people should be winning.

The two party system here in the U.S, fosters such intense, divisive, and mean-spirited rivalries that spew vitriol and hatred; all the while forgetting they are supposed to be representing real people with real problems.

I vote because that is my civic duty, I have no right to complain if I do not vote; I hate elections though, for many reasons:

  • How much money is wasted and spent on winning elections? The jobs do not pay that much but yet we spend so much! Why don’t we spend that election money on something more important?
  • It seems we have forgotten the rules of debate because all the arguments are full of fallacies. They would all fail my professional presentations course, and these are supposed to be educated people!
  • Politicians you are not average everyday people, so please do not pretend that you are. Being smart, educated, and wealthy is not going to be held against you if you truly are for the people.

I could go on but hopefully my point is made that this is not the time to celebrate, in fact, there should be no celebrating at all, please just govern. We do not send you to office to party.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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