Monday, November 17, 2014

Africa is a huge diverse continent not a country!

Every so often, I read something or encounter a situation of supreme ignorance about the continent of Africa that boggles my mind. When I was younger, I used let the folks wallow in their ignorance or sometimes add to it with extremely bad and funny information (I did not think they would take it seriously but they did). Nowadays, as an educator, I feel I must try and truly educate the individual(s) because I realize it is not their fault.

We do not teach a true and rich curriculum about the continent, in fact, you will be surprised how many people know nothing about the continent beyond the latest Ebola fear story in the news. Case in point: “Teacher Told to Stay Away on Return From Africa”

“A teacher in a Roman Catholic school was told to take a leave of absence for 21 days when she returned from a mission trip to Kenya, even though the country is thousands of miles from the center of the Ebola outbreak.”

“The school, St. Margaret Mary in Louisville, Ky., told religion teacher Susan Sherman to take mandatory leave when she returned Oct. 26 because several parents were worried about the Ebola outbreak, according to her husband, Paul Sherman. She resigned. Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz last week acknowledged that was "not the right judgment."”

“The Shermans spent nine days in Kenya, working with a relief organization that provides health care, food, and water and builds churches and distributes Bibles.”

The distance between the Ebola area in West Africa and Kenya is more than 3000 miles!

There is no such language as African, all Africans are not brothers, and if you know someone from a country do not expect someone else you meet from that country to know them (especially if it is Nigeria which has a lot of people).

Learn, teach, and do not be ignorant about the second largest continent in the world.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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