Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This speaks for itself…

I sometimes have to remember to bring my own chair to my kids’ parent teacher conferences, because the chairs in schools classroom were not designed for someone my size. Sitting in those things for 10 minutes is highly uncomfortable for me.

Imagine you are a teacher; you have trained your mind and your enthusiasm is high for your vocation.

Imagine being forced to go to “new” training with someone who is not part of your vocation, but even worse, you have to sit in those chairs designed for children for hours, and you are being treated like a child during this training (I have been there done that and bought the tshirt).

Sounds ridiculous? Unfortunately, it is true, and the example I am sharing today is not new, it is available because technology now allows us all to share some of the things that have gone on for a long time.

“The video below is not a parody. It shows Chicago Public School teachers in a professional development session that will make you understand why teachers are going out of their minds and to what extent administrators have infantilized teachers.”


Here is the video on YouTube:


“ This presenter was one of several consultants flown in from California and the United Kingdom for the Chicago Public Schools’ Office of Strategic School Support Services’ special network. This is a professional development for teachers of Saturday ISAT [Illinois Standards Achievement Test] preparation classes.”

“As educator Larry Ferlazzo says on his Web site about this video:

Yes, you can make a lot of things look bad taken out of context, but I don’t think a case can be made that this is appropriate for any professional development, or classroom, context….”

Professional development is part of any industry, if you do not stay current you do not grow in your profession. But really…?!!

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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