Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Still looking for that ray of sunshine…

This is not bad…I guess:
 After Protest, Prison Company Won't Sponsor Florida Atlantic Stadium”
“Following more than a month of resounding protest from students, faculty and staff, the sponsor and planned namesake for Florida Atlantic University’s new football stadium has withdrawn, FAU announced Tuesday, leaving the university to find a replacement for the private prison company GEO Group (the GEO Group Foundation was the official donor) and the $6 million its founder had pledged toward the project. Protesters had criticized the management and inmate and employee treatment at prisons run by GEO, whose chairman is a Florida Atlantic graduate and former trustee”.
Sorry it came to this, however, getting in bed with a private prison is probably not best for an educational institution.
This title sounds reasonable and they are exercising their right to free speech: “Towson Students March to Show Unity”
“The White Student Union, an unofficial, small group at Towson University, has been capturing headlines recently with claims (untrue, the university says) of a surge in crime against white students. In response, about 200 students marched through the campus Tuesday in an event designed to show that the views of the White Student Union do not represent the student body or the university, The Baltimore Sun reported”.
However, what are they truly protesting and what is the true purpose of the march?
I know there is some really good news out there, so please share it!
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
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