Friday, March 15, 2013

Who owns your image in highered?

This short article got me wondering if my image is being used somewhere that I do not know it.
“Friends of Kholood Eid, a graduate student at the University of Missouri at Columbia, called her and asked why her photograph was in an advertisement they saw at the St. Louis airport for Webster University's M.B.A. program. Eid earned an undergraduate degree from Webster and -- as she told The Riverfront Times -- she remembers the university taking her photograph sometime before graduation. So she wanted to know why she was advertising a program in which she never enrolled. Webster officials said that she signed a release stating that the university could use the photograph in any way it wanted -- so Webster is not bothered by promoting its M.B.A. program with someone who never studied for an M.B.A. The university said that the image was a good one. Eid, whose parents are Palestinian, said she has a theory about why her photograph was used: "They just wanted an ethnically ambiguous face."
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
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