Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Telling the truth

An article titled “Can You Verify That?” ( got me continuing on the snobbery them in higher education I have blogged about this week.

It seems that some schools have been so desperate to get on the U.S News and World Report list, that they have been submitting false data to bump up their standing. What I find most disturbing, is that we have only recently found out but this, we do not know how long it has actually gone on. The schools, which are supposed to be traditionally ‘trustworthy’, are misbehaving and their excuses are weak (for example, one person accidently gave the wrong data, or the data was collated in the wrong way). The excuses continue by the way, and data that is even more false is being discovered as we speak.

U.S. News is considering a plan in which colleges would be required to have a senior official -- someone outside of enrollment management and serving at the top rungs of administration -- sign a statement vouching for the accuracy of the information being submitted”. Do we think this plan would actually work, or will we get more sophisticated type cheating?

Everyone should be held accountable for telling the truth, let us sort this out quickly becasue students are watching.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam


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