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Sharing some good articles on leadership 09/16/2016

I am a firm believer in sharing good an relevant material, that is how we learn. Today I am sharing two articles by Jeffrey E. Reeves ( .

I hope you get something out of this as well!

Leadership… An Informed Perspective August 26, 2016
“Leaders create the vision.  Managers create plans.  Your vision motivates people to action; plans are an outcome that guides your team toward making your vision a reality.  Leadership and management are the two elements of being-in-charge and being responsible.  The ability to discern which element one is dealing with or which is dominant at any moment in each unique situation is—in my view—the main characteristic of a great leader.  I call this characteristic wisdom”.

Leadership: Part II - How the Planning Padlock Stifles Leadership, September 16, 2016

“Leadership is about creating a vision. Planning is an afterthought that often turns a leader’s vision into nothing more than a pipe dream. Consider..."

“Leaders articulate a vision in words and deeds that motivate individuals to embrace the leader’s vision, take action, and transform the leader’s vision into a reality whether the leader is there or not. MLK’s vision advanced civil rights and continues to do so today. Men landed on the moon long after JFK’s death and are now looking forward to colonizing Mars. The Missionaries of Charity of Charity survive and thrive even after Mother Teresa becomes a saint in the Catholic Church"

“By Jeffrey E. Reeves, Leader of Small Biz Mastermind Alliances and Advisory Boards –“

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