Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why we have not learned from the past

Just before, during, and after world war two, the Jewish people were having a hard time everywhere. Europe did not protect them, United States did not want them, and both Germany and Russia (yes Russia our allies at the time) were actively jailing them, confiscating property, and killing them. We all know the numbers, or you can look it up yourself, but the death toll was genocide. Let me also add that Romani, also known as Gypsies were almost wiped out because they were confused with Jews and because Europe did not like them for the perceived way they lived.

Fast Forward 60 years later, it seems like religious intolerance is making a comeback when we have elected officials, some of them vying for the highest office in the nation, advocating discrimination, deportation, and registration of Muslims. Sound familiar? Islam is a religion not a people fools! Religion does not kill, people kill.

The world swore “never again”, but how quickly we forget. Innocents are dying in wars that are intertwined with our country; people are being attacked and killed in the street because they are perceived to be of a particular religion. Some of these folks such as the Sikhs are further away from Islam than Christianity is, but because of ignorance, they are being killed.

Are you paying attention? It is happening again!

Yes there are some very bad people who want to harm us, of this we agree, but before we make the mistakes of the past, perhaps we can forget the politics and remember that we are human beings first, and that United States is a country founded on freedom, of all kinds, and that the constitution is not something we pick and choose depending on who we like.

Take a deep breath America and step back, all politicians, if you truly believe in that hate you are spreading, please quit right now because we do not need that or want it. While you might unify everyone, it is your job to try.

We are better than this

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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