Thursday, November 12, 2015

Are you a unifier or divider? An education question

I am going to pick on Chris Christie today, and for the simple reason that I needed some fodder and he gave it to me on a platter.  I will also say I have no party affiliations, I am simply interested in logical and sane politics, and this is in very short supply in this very early political campaign.
Here is some basic information and terms of presentations:
·         Ethos: An appeal based on character and credibility
·         Logos: An appeal based on logic and reasoning
·         Pathos: An appeal based on emotion

Emotional fallacies unfairly appeal to the audience’s emotions.
Ethical fallacies unreasonably advance the writer’s own authority or character.
Logical fallacies depend upon faulty logic
  • Ad Hominem arguments attack a person’s character rather than that person’s reasoning

These are typical campaign parlor tricks, and we are seeing it in droves right now, especially on the republican side because there are so many candidates and they are all running to the extreme for popularity reasons (it is happening on the democratic side as well but there are not as many candidates).

At some point all candidates have to decide whether they want to be a unifier or a divider, because like it or not you will be running the whole country not just the parts you like. It is a popular tactic to bash the previous president, but when is it enough?

Here are to gems from Chris Christie today:

“Chris Christie to Black Lives Matter: "Don't Call and Ask Me for a Meeting"

Why wouldn’t you talk with them? How will you learn what they are truly about if you do not talk with them? You say all live matter; than here are some lives you can talk about? You support law enforcement? Great, so give them the tools and training  they need to protect citizen’s lives as is the job description. The death penalty is supposed to be applied after a fair trial, for all lives. Do you believe that jaywalking or an no turn signal deserves deah?

“Chris Christie Says Obama's 'Lawlessness' Contributed To College Unrest”

You might not like the president, and that is your right, but since when has the president ever said he did not want to bring people together? The president is not a king; laws are made and enforced by congress, the states, and the courts, not the president. When has the president ever supported a group (proven group not an opinion about a group) that supported the death of police officers?

I am educator, so I like to educate and point out things that are obviously wrong. I am not a slick politician who can talk fast and sell you a three legged horse; I am a simple citizen who would like to see a clean, decent, and logical political process. That is not too much to ask.

I know there are going to be some who are going to want to rant, rave against me, try to call me out, etc. Save your breath because I am not playing with you, I am not playing this game, I am too blunt for that.

Governor Christie, I am disappointed, I know you do not care about my opinion, but remember, you are campaigning for all out votes, and I vote.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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