Sunday, March 21, 2021

Being ghosted after a professional interview


Let us assume you did everything correctly as far as interview protocol, let us assume you were a very strong candidate for the position; in other words, you did nothing wrong.

Something we must recognize in these phenomena of employers “ghosting” qualified candidates after an interview, is that a lot of the hiring managers are not professional recruiters, and sometimes professional recruiters are bad at their job. If you think about it, there really is no consequence to them for doing that, especially when so many people might be vying for that one position.

We are a in a different age where the golden and platinum rules of courtesy are not always applied, and the advice candidates must understand is that this will happens sometimes so just move on. Sometimes it is not that easy to move on.

This is an interesting article I am sharing on “ghosting”:, and the last sentence is important.  It says: “you may never find out why a particular company ghosted you. But why would you want to work for an employer that shows so little consideration for candidates anyway?

Know your worth, never give up, and for the who ghost just remember, one day this might be you.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam


PS. I am not trying to be negative, but sometimes you just must stop excusing peoples’ bad behavior

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