Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Media circus in politics 2016: an education issue

·         North Korea Shows Detained U.S. Student Otto Warmbier on State TV
·         ‘Dangerous’ Radioactive Material Stolen in Mexico
·         Vatican Cardinal Pell: Pedophile Priest 'Wasn't of Much Interest'
·         Powerful earthquake strikes near Indonesia
·         Nearly a third of Japan's women 'sexually harassed at work'
·         Uganda unveils Africa's first solar-powered bus
·         Supreme Court Takes Up Texas Abortion Case
·         After Nearly A Year in Space, NASA's Scott Kelly Is Back on Earth

This is just from today’s headlines, and there is so much more.

However, the news media is pre-occupied with guess who? Donald Trump (only time I am saying this name in the article)!

It seems like ratings and profits are more important than reporting the news, and as one media executive put it the other day “he is good for business”.

At some point the media needs to remember that the news airwaves really belong to the public, so they should start reporting according to what is news and not according to what sells ads.
The Pope could not care less, but you had to ask him anyway. The Media milked that “non-story” for almost a week!

I am very selective about where I get my news right now because I actually want to hear news, the political circus is not news and is not going to help improve an economic status, it is not going to help someone find a job, and it certainly is not going to feed a family.

Do we even need the circus of primary elections? Do we need political parties? Do we really need the Electoral College? Do we need to subject the public to more than 12 months of campaigning, for a job that pays so much less than what is being spent getting elected?  

Richard Pryor said it best in Brewster’s Millions:  How do you win something if you have to buy it? .... to get a $60,000/year job, unless he planned to steal it back with interest?

My suggestion is you save your brain cells for some of the entertaining network TV available, I am currently enjoying “The Walking Dead” and “The Blacklist”.
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
The ETeam

PS, you should vote when the time comes though. I wish you luck making your choice because they are all doozies

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