Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do you wonder why reporters have a bad rap today? #charlesfleminglatimesisrude

Charles Fleming

As an educator, when I see a wrong fact I feel I must educate. In addition, if I am wrong I have to problem admitting when I wrong because we learn something new every day.

I am a biker, not a hidden fact, and I try and be a student of history. I responded to this story today by Charles Fleming of the LA Times:

I simply reminded him of know facts that the true and original builders were never credited. Apparently Charles Fleming LA Times has no manners, apparently he feels it is appropriate to respond to a polite suggestion from a reader with a rude and ignorant statement. Here is the exchange:

“From Fleming, Charles Charles.Fleming@latimes.com”

“To: Flavius Akerele”

“You insult me, in your own ignorance. I did my research. We didn’t have room to include every fact in this strange, long story. I reached out to Vaughs, tracked him down, and emailed him, trying to get his voice into the piece. He declined to respond.

Blame him for his absence from the story, not me.


From: Flavius Akerele
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 4:04 PM
To: Fleming, Charles
Subject: Regarding 'Easy Rider's' 'Captain America' bike sold for $1.35 million


Please remember to give Credit to the people who really built and designed the bikes Ben Hardy and Cliff Vaughs. Do your research please.

Dr. Flavius A B Akerele III

I did not realize that I was ignorant on this subject, in fact him calling me ignorant is contradicted by the rest of his statement. Mr Vaughs is very easy to find, and if he chose not to comment, it does not mean I was wrong; if anything it shows he has made peace with this issue.

To you Mr. Fleming, I salute your rudeness! You are the epitome of today’s non-gentleman who feels when challenged should respond to with insult. Best of luck wallowing in your own excrement #charlesfleminglatimesisrude.

Dr Flavius Akerele

The ETeam

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  1. I don't know Mr. Fleming. Received no enquiries from him.
    I do agree that there is an abundance of information about me, my past, on-line.


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