Saturday, August 16, 2014

Follow up from yesterday’s blog post

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about how the police could learn a lot from the various situations developing throughout the country, and of some of the things they do wrong instead of apologizing.


I am inclined to write a follow up because yesterday, the police in Ferguson did exactly what I said they often do, which is to blame the victim. Worse still is that the comments being written by the general populace have now taken racial overtones simply because the victim allegedly was involved in a crime before getting shot; a crime that was completely non related to why he was shot. I hearing the word “thug” thrown out a lot, and things like “well that is one less of them you need to worry about”, and “just get rid of the whole race and things will be better”.


America, do you not see what is happening again? Are you simply going to fall into the trap of the ‘racial divide’ and not acknowledge the simple truth? Do you realize this is what happens to rape victims as well? They are victimized all over again and reputations are tarnished instead of the truth coming out.


Remember something before you judge: none of us is perfect, not even close.
Right is right and wrong is wrong, and according to the law, innocent until proven guilty.
Do not let them confuse and obfuscate nobody deserves to be shot down in cold blood by the police: nobody.


Innocent until proven guilty,


Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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