Friday, November 30, 2012


The latest article I just read in the Chronicle seems to suggest that all For Profit Colleges (article does not name names) have non-transferable credits and rip off Veterans. An unknown fact (or maybe it is known but not mentioned) is that many non-profits operate on the same model as the For Profit schools so why aren’t they mentioned? In addition, obviously the state schools have not been prepared to help with huge rapidly growing demand for higher education. Have you tried finding a community college class that you really need or transfer to a state institution lately?

While there have been some definite bad apples in the higher education market, I have to disagree with this premise that all For Profits are bad. I personally have benefited from For Profit education with no regrets, I learned quickly that some state institutions were not prepared to treat me as an adult and were not convenient for the working adult.  

I think that higher education in general is missing a major opportunity to do some good for Veterans and the non-traditional student in general. Instead of spending all this time, energy, and money on fighting, competing, and tearing down each other, why don’t  they all work together to make sure that standard of education is equal as well as the transferability of credits. Sometimes people move, and wouldn’t it be great if everyone could transfer to another institution (any) with confidence?

Higher education sometimes bickers too much (internally and externally) and often publically. Here is novel idea: why don’t they all truly work together to help this situation? There is plenty of room to go around. After all, it is all about the students not egos… isn’t it?

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III


News Source:

“New Scholarship Helps Student-Veterans Who Say For-Profit Colleges Victimized Them”

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  1. I couldn't agree more. As an educator at both For-Profit universities and community colleges, I can attest that both have their challenges when it comes to serving the needs of veterans. There should be more intercollegiate collaboration regionally and state-wide.


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