Thursday, May 30, 2013

So it continues…

“Dartmouth Students In Clery Act Complaint Charged With Violating Code Of Conduct”

“Dartmouth College students pressing a federal complaint claiming the school underreported sexual assaults said Dartmouth is retaliating by charging them with violating the student code of conduct for an April protest”.

“At least 10 students involved in the April 19 demonstration were notified this week that they face adjudications for a possible violation of the Dartmouth standards of conduct for failing to follow college officials' instructions, according to letters from Nathan Miller, director of the Undergraduate Judicial Affairs Office. Seven students who received letters were either public complainants or were involved in preparing and processing a federal Clery Act complaint filed against Dartmouth last week, alleging the school failed to prosecute and report sexual violence on campus, said Dartmouth senior Lea Roth”.

"We were protesting sexual assault on this campus, and the administration's failure to respond to homophobia and racism on campus," Nastassja Schmiedt, a Dartmouth sophomore, told The Huffington Post. We were informally informing the college of civil rights violations".

Eventually people need to have a real conversation on prevention, but also on how to communicate effectively with each other. The original incident is getting lost in a quagmire of other things.

Keep our students safe, and students find a way to have a conversation all the while remembering that each issue deserves its own separate conversation.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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