Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Children Are Not The Enemy They Are The Future

In this day and age of #zerotolerance in schools, it is often too easy for a smart vibrant student to all of a sudden be labeled as a criminal and have their life ruined. It can be worse for African-American children since often they do not get the ‘press’ needed to clear their names.

Putting felonies on children who do not even have the legal right to vote means you are #disenfranchising a future generation of humans and voters (cannot vote with a felony).

“Teen Who Was Expelled From School For Science Explosion Receives Full Scholarship U.S. Space Academy”

“Kiera Wilmot, the 16-year-old honor student expelled from her high school after she allegedly ignited a chemical explosion on school property, received a full scholarship to the U.S. Space Academy, courtesy of a NASA veteran who, as a teenager, was accused of starting a forest fire during a science experiment”.

“Kiera Wilmot made an honest mistake, but the police were trying to throw away her life with a felony. After the community stood up for the girl, the charges were dropped, and she was allowed to move on with her life. Well, her greatness is really starting to shine, as she was recently granted several extraordinary opportunities through scholarship offers she has received”.

Dr. Boyce Watkins recently wrote about another group of students who were arrested for throwing water balloons. Is it now open season on black children? We have to start asking ourselves why it’s suddenly become so easy for a black child to be sent to prison or jail. It appears that learning and education have been outlawed by the school systems, but getting arrested has become a leading trend. Rev. Jesse Jackson also regularly mentions all the schools in Chicago with old books but brand new metal detectors”.

“Dr. Christopher Emdin, a professor of education at Columbia University, says that the schools are now very similar to prisons in terms of how they are structured, and how the inhabitants are treated. Kiera overcame her situation, but there are thousands of kids across the country who aren’t so lucky. Maybe it’s time to attack the system that is attacking us”.

Kids will be curious, but that does not mean they are criminal. They need guidance and nurturing, as well as the knowledge that we have their best interests at heart. We incarcerate too many people as it is for too long.

We are concerned about the kids are we not?

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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