Monday, October 20, 2014

Another interesting article on Adjuncts, but does anyone care?

“The Adjunct Crisis Is Everyone’s Problem”
“In 2012, I got my Ph.D. and left academia with no regrets. Like all decisions based on financial stability, it was not so much a decision as a reaction.”
“Academia, I had discovered, was not an industry in which one works for pay but one in which you must pay to work. New Ph.D.’s are expected to move around the country in temporary postdocs or visiting professor jobs until finding tenure-track positions -- financially impossible for me as a mother of two – or stay where they are and work as adjuncts with no job security and an average wage of $2,700 per course. While making an income below the poverty line, a new Ph.D. is expected to spend thousands of dollars on job interviews at conferences in expensive cities and write paywalled papers for free.”
“Labor exploitation is not the new normal. Adjunct professors are distinct from other low-wage contract workers only by virtue of degree – that is, the Ph.D. Like other exploited workers, adjuncts are told that their low pay and mistreatment are the deserved consequence of poor choices. While low-wage workers without college degrees are told to get an education, adjuncts are asked what they thought all that education would get them. The plight of the adjunct shows one can have all the education in the world and still have no place in it.”
This is not a new issue and in my opinion, it is getting worse. There is an underclass in an industry that should be more enlightened.
What do we do?
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
The ETeam

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  1. The only way the plight of the adjuncts will change is if colleges are made to change, i.e. their accreditation. An example would be: In order to keep accreditation, a college can have no more than 25% of the faculty as adjunct. A college must have 75% of the faculty as full time.
    Colleges hire lots of adjuncts because they can.


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