Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sharing an article 11/20/13

My purpose of sharing this is to make you aware, and hopefully start talking about this issue.
“The Hard-Knock (and Downright Dangerous) Lives of Teachers”
“The Associated Press this week reports on the dangers teachers face on a daily basis”.
“"When a 16-year-old student slammed a metal trash can onto Philip Raimondo's head, it did more than break open the history teacher's scalp, knock him out, and send him bleeding to the floor," the Associated Press writes”.
“Violence against teachers isn't new ground, it's just progressively sadder ground dampened by further bloodshed. In September, the Teaching Now Blog's Hana Maruyama wrote about other recent physical assaults on teachers, including incidents in Kansas City, Mo.; Los Angeles; Georgia; the Brooklyn borough of New York”
“A master's degree in teaching does not confer upon the recipient any form of invisible shield. It does not bestow super strength or airbags. Teachers are no less immune to a violent climate than their school's students, and yet they're in a position to have a vastly greater influence, both positive and negative, than a single student likely is”.
“Earlier this month, I wrote about the Broward County, Fla., community-wide agreement that would establish the point at which police should become involved in school discipline issues; it's basically a flow chart. Everyone in Broward County, based on the enthusiasm expressed at multiple events pertaining to the agreement's adoption, seems thrilled. But some were quick to point out that discipline is a reaction to an event, not a proactive solution. Or, in less diplomatic terms:”
This is not an easy topic because as educators we sometimes feel we need to be prepared to ‘bleed’ for our students. However, violence is not part of the job description, and placing blame is not a solution.
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
The ETeam

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