Thursday, September 15, 2016

Punishment does not equate education: A K12 Education Issue

Education is the only profession (and it is a profession) where non-professionals feel and can tell the professionals what do. Everyone has a n opinion about how to deliver proper education, and during political seasons, education gets tossed around like a football; usually without an actual educator in sight.

As an educator, you are entrusted with our countries most precious resource, and that is our youth. Without them we have no future and there is no proof that we ever existed.
United States has an incarceration problem, we love to lock people up, we love to punish; and we have hard time showing compassion, understanding, and suggesting true rehabilitation. This state of mind has unfortunately penetrated many of our school systems.

Now I know some people will say “well these are extreme situations” or “well what was the student doing”, etc.  When it comes to kids’ lives we cannot afford extreme situations, and as apparent, there is no possible justification for doing that to any kid: period!

School safety is important, and as a parent, I too am concerned in the wake of school shootings. However, school safety and school discipline are not the same thing because discipline should be administered by trained education professionals not cops in school. A defiant kid is just that, a kid, not a criminal; police intervention is not necessary.

Kids are not only precious but they are also one of the most vulnerable members of our society and our too often subjected to abuse and exploitation. School should make them feel safe not anxious.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
The ETeam

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