Monday, August 8, 2016

Listen to your employees: lessons from an MBA program

Active listening is a skill that must be practiced regularly when you supervise people because it is skill that can easily rust as one gets complacent. It should be said that there are many supervisors out there who have never possessed this skill at all.

When an employee comes to you with a problem, to vent, or just to talk, it is all about that employee; your personal anecdotes and stories have no place in that conversations unless you were asked to share. It is amazing how often this mistake occurs.

Trust and confidentiality is an important factor here as well; a private conversation told to you by an employee should stay private (unless a life is involved). It is amazing how rumors get spread by the people who are supposed to look out for your best interests.

Seems simple correct? Then why is this not actively practiced in so many organizations?

Retain your most valuable assets, your staff; and it starts by being engaged in their lives.

It is not about you; today’s lesson

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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