Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Why social Media is destroying debate

This is how we debate important things today it seems. This was copied off the White House Facebook page. I tried to hide names but if I missed some, so what it is a public forum that anyone can read anyway.

Is this what we have come to? Is this how we talk with each other, how we debate? This is both sides of the debate!

I fear for us all if we cannot be civil with each other on something that should be taken seriously.

Sharon K. Breedlove-Chavez Yes, President Obama got tears when he brought up Sandy Hook. That is the kind of compassion everyone should feel. When 9/11 happened everything changed for this Country. We now had TSA, be at the airport at least an hour before.. taking off your shoes...See More
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Donna Marie Kelly
Donna Marie Kelly My God You are an idiot...you can't tell real from fake..probably why you voted for this dolt.
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Mike Underwood
Mike Underwood Yeah because you can't fake that. IDIOT
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Roland Thompson
Roland Thompson Agree with Donna Marie Kelly. Sharon. You just don't know. How are you people so clueless. You know what was in the TPP?
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Mark Carrington
Mark Carrington Sharon you are a fucking dildo.
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Lynne True Simon
Lynne True Simon Well said, Sharon K. Breedlove-Chavez!
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Jamie Hunt
Jamie Hunt Impeachment
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Thomas Oakes
Thomas Oakes its all show
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Maria Joe Herrera Rivera
Maria Joe Herrera Rivera There are already lots of background checks, but that doesn't mean criminals and terrorist will stop. It only stops law abiding citizens. CRUMINALS WILL STILL HAVE GUNS AND WILL STILL KILL AT WILL, NOW MORE THAN EVER.
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Thomas Oakes
Thomas Oakes those laws are already on the books
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Wally McCance
Wally McCance Donna Marie Kelly YEP, i VOTED FOR HIM AND PROUD OF IT, At least, he did not deceive and lie like Channey and get us into a war for years that was costly, injured, mamed, and killed our soldiers. Also, what an embarrasement Bush was to our country.!!!!!
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Thomas Oakes
Thomas Oakes Lynne True Simon those laws already exist , this was for show
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Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson Sandy Hoax, ,,,
Bush's 9/11,,,,
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Marilynne Miller
Marilynne Miller Tears in his eyes...this guy could make million$ in Hollywood.
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ْاِ The White House Hi Guys Check out This Videohttp://bit.ly/1O09VOI
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Jamie Hunt
Jamie Hunt I blame the ones who voted him in a second term
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Rick Serafin
Rick Serafin We get to hear his "if we just save one life" speech....while he is OK with a million babies being killed every year....but does he cry when a baby is murdered via abortion? Liberal Logic
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Justin Phillips
Justin Phillips those tears are about when he leaves office he knows he cant waste tax payers dollars on vacations anymore not about the children
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Roland Thompson
Roland Thompson Gee mark
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Tannie Cady
Tannie Cady HE makes me want to vomit. He's a pansy ass ball sack of cowardice.
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Robbie Boswell
Robbie Boswell Real mature Tannie. Nice kindergarten logic.
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Roland Thompson
Roland Thompson It was a big ole reality show. Sandy hook

Gifford....See More
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Joni Kahley Neidigh
Joni Kahley Neidigh Ahh...the trolls/pukes are out of their cage today. Pay them no mind.
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Jennifer Knox
Jennifer Knox Sharon, sorry you are being so attacked for the opinion of wanting to save lives. That's the internet for you. Trolls a plenty. I agree with you, for what it's worth.
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Eve Johnson
Eve Johnson Well said Sharon 
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Susan York
Susan York Look at the name calling and vile speech from the gun nuts. I don't think people who show so little restraint and judgment should be carrying guns around.
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Raul D Alma
Raul D Alma Sharon, you either are or you just faking it. It takes weak people to be swayed or reassured by few tears from a politician.
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Scott Eagle
Scott Eagle And those background checks will be abused and this is just a start to what will be added to it ,,, it's the corrupt politician way
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Richard Perez
Richard Perez Already background checks... DDD
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Roderick Qualls Jr.
Roderick Qualls Jr. He wants out guns I can't believe y'all can't see his lies and fake ass tears he is the worst thing that happened to this country
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Virgo Donald
Virgo Donald Sharon,
Amen, I second your emotion!
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Rossana Rosado
Rossana Rosado Rick Serafin totally unrelated topic, but he does have to GO
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Pamela Medford
Pamela Medford where were his TEARS for the victims in San Bernadino----NOT THERE, he was ranting about gun control.......here are some FACTS from the FBI...............once again oputt putt has MANIPULATED and LIED...........http://www.bizpacreview.com/.../reporter-destroys-wh...

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Michael Rachal
Michael Rachal I feel for the 30 - 40 innocent citizens killed every day by vehicles..... Almost
3500 in Texas in 2015.......
........and many were by Intoxicated Drivers. Do we blame the person, vehicle, alcohol or the DUI person's judgement??
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Sarah Ulicky
Sarah Ulicky ANYONE that says Sandy Hook was a hoax is a sad and confused fool. I know people that worked at that school and knew people who were there when it happened and were murdered you uneducated ignorant pieces of excrement. We are the only country that allows this to keep happening and it's thanks to you! Blood on your hands you selfish, ignorant cretans!!!

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