Monday, September 22, 2014

Sharing an #education #reform article September 22 2014

You may or may not agree with this article I am going to share, but I thought it compelling enough to stimulate a discussion.

“Getting Beyond One 'Right Way' of K-12 Reform”

“Why don't we get education changing the way successful systems change?”

“This means that we keep working to improve the schools we have, but don't bet all our chips there. At the same time, we should be open to innovation, letting organizations and individuals try things outside the givens of conventional school and conventional teaching.”

“Call it a "Split Screen" strategy.”

“It does work. In successful, self-improving systems, new ideas get tried and early adopters pick them up. Initially, most people remain with the traditional ways, but as the new strategy improves, people shift. In time, a transformation occurs; sometimes rapidly.”

“Unfortunately, education policy does not work like that. Deep inside, its working premise is to develop a consensus on "The Right Way," and then to engineer a comprehensive transformation politically. But arguing alternative futures is not the route to change. Imagine doing that with communications or transportation: arguing land line vs. cellphone, and gasoline-powered vs. electric or hybrid. We'd never get consensus on one right way. Instead, we'd be where we are with education.”

There are so many ‘parties’ involved in education reform (probably too many in my opinion), and when you have many moving parts balance can be difficult.

What are your thoughts on what needs to be reformed (or left alone)?
Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

The ETeam

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