Friday, September 6, 2013

YouTube lives forever…

College students and college professors have often said or done stupid/silly things in public. Sometimes it gets written off as academic freedom, freedom of speech, or just plain old college antics. However, with today’s technology, and peoples proclivity to film and broadcast things instantly, everyone must beware of the forever video.
Case in point:
“Didn't Mean to Offend...”
“An eight-minute segment apparently captured by a student (and embedded below) contained remarks that university administrators say crossed the line between free speech and disrespect, and may have “negatively affected the learning environment.””
Not sure what he was trying to teach, but I know at least one student learned to have their video camera at the ready.
All I can say about this next one is: really?
“Saint Mary's University frosh chant cheers underage sex”
“Saint Mary’s University in Halifax is promising disciplinary action after a frosh week chant glorifying underage sex with girls without consent was posted online”.

“A 15-second video posted to Instagram on Monday shows orientation week leaders leading a cheer about the sexual preferences of Saint Mary University men”.

It is amazing what can and will end up on YouTube, so do not accidently increase the supply.

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III
The ETeam

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