Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The week in education continues…


More issues at UNC: “Chapel Hill Failed to Protect Housekeeper From Harassment, Judge Rules”

“An administrative judge in North Carolina ruled last week that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill had failed to protect one of its housekeepers from sexual harassment. The employee, Maria Isabel Prudencio-Arias, had filed a whistle-blower claim alleging that the university retaliated against her for accusing her supervisor of harassment. The judge ruled that she had established only part of her whistle-blower claim, but found that the university had “acted arbitrarily and capriciously in applying its policy … in investigating petitioner’s claims of harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, and as such, violated petitioner’s due-process rights.” A state panel will review the ruling and make a final decision in the case”.

What is going on in North Carolina right now? I hope they are seriously looking at the issues!

This is more of a K12 issue, but it is something to think about when dealing with parents:

 When Parents Become Unemployed”

“A new study by the Urban Institute and First Focus shows that when parents lose their jobs, parenting styles can become corrosive. Parents may become irritable, depressed, and switch from a supportive parenting style to a punitive one, the study suggests. About 6.2 million children live in families with unemployed parents. What can schools do to support families with unemployed parents? What signs can teachers and other school staff members look for to determine if these types of changes have occurred in a child’s home? And how might they mitigate any damage from parenting styles that change for the worse?”

Anyway, someone give me some good news please! Something happy and positive, do not be shy!

Dr Flavius A B Akerele III

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